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FEI T20 iCorr

T20 iCorr (FEI) High-Resolution CryoEM and CryoET, Correlative Microscopy

The T20 iCorr cryo TEM is from the FEI Tecnai G2 Family, a high-resolution cryo TEM attached with the iCorr technology enabling users a streamlined approach to correlative microscopy to perform both fluorescent light and electron microscopy together in one single instrument, without ever moving the sample. Hence, it eliminates sample contamination and preserves the accuracy and context of the image data. This integrated approach removes the challenges with conducting correlative microscopy experiments and opens up new dimensions for biological research.

Key features:

  • 200kV max HT, (40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 160 kV available).
  • LaB6 filament.
  • TWIN PP Objective Lens.
  • Cs = 2mm.
  • Computer-controlled campustage.
  • Eagle 2K HS CCD Camera.
  • AMT XR41 CCD Camera.
  • Single Tilt Holder.
  • Tomography Holder.
  • Gatan 626 Cryo Holder.

iCorr setup for basic image acquisition data sheet