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Electron Imaging Center for NanoMachines

EICN provides advanced electron imaging tools for applications ranging from materials science to structural biology

Electron Microscopy

Electron Imaging Center for NanoMachines

Section A: EICN Policies

  1. Safety, Training & Reporting Problems
    1. All users must first obtain safety trainings as required by UCLA Environment, Health, and Safety (EH&S) and any other trainings relevant to their project. Obtaining required and other relevant safety trainings by UCLA EH&S is the sole responsibility of the user and their PI or faculty member.
    2. Users planning to work with biohazards, BSL-2 agents, or any other hazardous materials must first inform EICN staff and must obtain approval to work with such agents through UCLA EH&S (including other needed approvals, i.e. IBC, IRB, ARC, Radiation Safety). Obtaining such approvals for the proposed experiments is the sole responsibility of the user and their PI or faculty member.
    3. Users must comply with all safety requirements. Violation of any EICN safety requirements or EH&S safety policy warrants EICN to suspend the user’s access to the facility. EH&S and the user’s PI or faculty member will be notified of the infraction.
    4. Users may never store their samples in the EICN lab. Any biohazardous or chemical waste produced that day must be removed from the lab or disposed of according the UCLA EH&S regulations. All users are required to clean/disinfect their work area, including the instruments used, according to the EICN Biosafety SOP or user’s specific SOP.
    5. In order to reserve and use EICN instruments, all users must be appropriately trained, authorized and understand their responsibilities. Training sessions will be charged at the hourly rate of the instrument used for the trainings, per person attending.
    6. Users are responsible for all financial charges associated with the use of EICN instruments and with the recovering/repairing costs for instrument malfunctions/damages caused by inappropriate user operations, including but not limited to time to recover vacuum, instrument downtime needed to repair the damage, and parts not covered by service contracts (e.g., sample holders and filaments).
    7. Reporting Problems: To report any malfunctions or damages, please contact Ivo Atanasov (310-983-1068) or email immediately. The user will be held responsible for any malfunctions/damages incurred, hence, it is the user’s responsibility and best interest to inspect the instrument (particularly for sample holders) and report any malfunctions/damages prior to beginning their session to avoid being charged erroneously.
    8. Admittance of non-EICN users to the EICN facility is strictly prohibited at all times, unless accompanied by an EICN staff.
  2. Reservation and Usage
    1. CNSI & EICN require all users to reserve instruments prior to usage and to only reserve the time needed. The minimum reservation time is 30 minutes. Reservation should be done through the Core Laboratory Management System (CLMS).
    2. Use of any instrument without reservation is a violation of our policy. Such incidences will be charged at the EICN hourly rates for the duration of use. Violation of the policy will result in ONE month suspension of the user’s right to use EICN instruments and the facility.
    3. Users can make a reservation any time before operating an instrument. However, if the reservation is made between 5PM-8AM each work day or anytime during weekends/holidays, the user must contact and request the prior user of the instrument on that day NOT to start the cryo-cycle operation for the reserved instrument. See details about cryo-cycle on Item 2.8 below.
    4. Cancellation/Modification Procedure: If there is a need to modify or cancel a reservation, users MUST do so at least 4 hours before the starting time of the reserved session. Failure to do so will result in being charged for the full reserved time. NO EXCEPTIONS!
    5. To extend an ongoing session, users must make an additional reservation in the CLMS prior to continuation.
    6. If one user needs to use another user’s reservation time within the 4-hour ‘no-cancellation’ period and the users agree, EICN staff needs to be notified via email within the same day of this change of usage. Failure to do so can result in charges to both users. (Note: This practice is not encouraged by EICN.)
    7. EICN personnel may cancel any reservation without advance notice in case of technical necessity (e.g., mechanical failures, instrument service, etc).
    8. For EM users at end of their EM session/reservation: During normal business hours: Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm, users must and only refill the dewar with liquid nitrogen. During after hours (Monday to Friday after 5pm or before 8am), weekends, or campus holidays: if the next reservation is LESS than 5 hours after your session, users must and only refill the dewar with liquid nitrogen. If the next reservation is MORE than 5 hours after this session, users must start cryo-cycle. Failure to do so will result in an additional 5-hour charge to your reservation to recover the instrument vacuum (see Policy 1.6-1.7)
  3. Charge
    1. The full reserved time will be charged at the UCLA approved rates*. Any additional usage beyond the original reserved time will also be charged accordingly (See policy 2.4-2.6). Minimal charge time is 30 minutes.The reserving user will not be charged due to a malfunction or problem of the reserved instrument occurring prior to the user’s session.
    2. EICN will record user activity through the instrument computer via log-in/out information. Log-in the instrument computers is regarded as starting using of the instruments until log-out. Therefore, users must log-in to their own account to operate any instrument. Failure to do so will result in charges to both the reserving user and the log-in user.
    3. Off hour discount rate is applied to hourly usage during weekdays, Monday to Friday 9pm to 7am, weekends starting from Friday 9pm to Monday 7am, and official UCLA holidays. Regular rates: Monday – Friday, 7:01am to 8:59pm.
    4. A user becomes qualified to become a super user of an EICN instrument after accumulating 200 hours of usage on that instrument. Qualifying for super user status on a higher level TEM instrument also qualifies the user for super user status on a lower level TEM instrument. (Note: Off-hour discount will be applied to any off-hour usages for super users.) Any staff assistance requested from super users will be charged at the assisted usage rate (half-hour increments at the rate of $120 per hour). Staff assisted usage does not count towards hours accumulated towards super user status.
    5. Super user accompanied usage: A user may designate an existing super user to accompany and assist their usage. In this situation, super user accompanied usage will be charged at super user rate. Any staff assistance requested will be charged at assisted usage rate (half-hour increments at the rate of $120 per hour). The user must note the name of the super user and that their session is a super user accompanied session in the Comments section of their CLMS reservation. Super user accompanied usage will count towards hours accumulated towards super user status.
    6. EICN policies and rates are subject to change. The most up-to-date policies and rates can be found on the EICN website.
  4. Data & Acknowledgement of Support
    1. Users are responsible for transferring their own data immediately after their session and EICN is not responsible for loss of data. Any data on the temporary EICN storage drives may be deleted after 2 weeks without further notification.
    2. For grant reporting and application purposes, all publications reporting data generated from the EICN instruments should contain the following statement at the end of the publication’s acknowledgement section: (1) For use of all instruments other than Titan Krios: “The authors acknowledge the use of instruments at the Electron Imaging Center for NanoMachines supported by NIH (1S10RR23057 to ZHZ) and CNSI at UCLA.” (2) For use of Titan Krios: “The authors acknowledge the use of instruments at the Electron Imaging Center for NanoMachines supported by NIH (1S10RR23057 and 1S10OD018111), NSF (DBI-1338135) and CNSI at UCLA.”

*The reservation-based recharge policy is established to improve the usage efficiency of instruments, and to prevent users to reserve unnecessarily-long period of instrument time but only to use a significantly shorter period.


Section B: EICN Recharge Rate Chart

EICN provides access to some of the most advanced electron microscopy instruments in the world. We work hard to cut operating cost in order to offer users access to these instruments at a reasonable rate. Nonetheless, user recharge fees are necessary in order to cover very costly annual service contracts required to keep our instruments running at top-performing conditions.
Instrument / Service Academic Rate Industry Rate
JEM1200-EX TEM (JEOL), 120kV, per hour $50 $100
T12 TEM (FEI), 120kV, per hour $50 $100
TF20 TEM (FEI), 200kV, per hour $85 $170
T20 iCorr TEM (FEI), 200kV, per hour $85 $170
Titan TEM and STEM (FEI), 300kV, per hour $125 $250
Titan Krios TEM (FEI), 300kV, per hour $125 $250
Supra VP40 SEM (Zeiss), per hour $75 $150
Evaporator (Denton Vacuum BTT-IV), per hour $30 $60
Ion Beam Sputter / Etching System, per hour $30 $60
Critical Point Dryer (Tousimis), per hour $20 $40
Ultramicrotome (Leica UCT), per hour $40 $80
Cryo-Ultramicrotome (Leica UC6/FC6), per hour $100 $200
Vitrobot Mark IV Cryo Plunger (FEI), per hour $40 $80
Manual Plunger, per hour $10 $20
Plasma System (Gatan Solarus), per hour $20 $40
High Pressure Freezer (Leica), per hour $50 $100
Freeze Substitution System (Leica), per day $40 $80
Super Users: JEM1200-EX & T12 $35 N/A
Super Users: TF20 & T20 iCorr $43 N/A
Super Users: Titan S/TEM $63 N/A
Super Users: Titan Krios $63 N/A
Super Users: Supra VP40 SEM $38 N/A
Off Hours: JEM1200-EX & T12 $25 $50
Off Hours: TF20 & T20 iCorr $34 $68
Off Hours: Titan S/TEM $50 $100
Off Hours: Titan Krios $50 $100
Off Hours: Supra VP40 SEM $30 $60
Assisted usage, per hour $120 $240


Note: EM consumables requested at time of operation will be charged to the requesting user. We encourage you to order your own supplies.
Per UCLA financial policy, daily rates and project rates are no longer available as of January 1, 2014.