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Denton Vacuum

Description: The Denton Bench Top Turbo-IV is a table-top high vacuum thin film deposition system.Key features:

  • Ultimate vacuum: 5*10-6 torr
  • Vacuum System: 70 l/sec turbomolecular pump, oil mechanical pump
  • High Vacuum carbon coating for TEM and x-ray analysis
  • Gold sputtering for SEM analysis
  • Carbon support films
  • Carbon platinum replicas
  • Rotary shadowing
  • Aperture cleaning
  • Sputtering for fine grain films


  • Metal and carbon evaporation package
  • Sputtering module
  • Tilt and Rotation
  • AC Glow discharge assembly
  • Thickness monitor

System Features:

  • Integrated Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Automatic Pumpdown and Venting with Manual Overrides
  • Automatic Control of Filament Evaporation Cycle
  • High Vacuum Valve
  • LN2 Cold Trap
  • Clean High Vacuum

Rates: Internal Academia rate: $40/hour; External Academia rate: $55/hour; Industry rate: $80/hour