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Leica EM PACT2 with EM RTS High Pressure Freezer with Rapid Transfer System

Description: The Leica EM PACT2 High Pressure Freezer is the first step in the preparation of samples for many subsequent techniques, allowing high quality freezing up to 200 um into the specimen. The Rapid Transfer System EM RTS allows an ease of sample preparation. Place your sample in the flat carrier held in the fork and simply push it into the instrument. The EM RTS does the rest. It takes the sample, locks it into the pod and shoots it into the Leica EM PACT2 where it is frozen – all in less than 5 seconds!

Key Features:

  • 20K+ centigrade per second cooling rate at 2000 bar
  • Data download on memory stick
  • Low LN2 consumption
  • Universal hydraulic system – can even use water
  • Specimen carrier loading in less than 5 seconds
  • Correlative LM/EM
  • Rapid biopsy process
  • Control touch sensitive screen
  • Rapid loader for inserting specimen
  • Automatic and reproducible specimen freezing
  • Low noise

 Academia rate: $50/hour; Industry rate: $100/hour