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T12 Cryo-electron microscope (FEI)

Description: The T12 cryo-electron microscope is from the FEI Tecnai Family, and is suitable for broad variety of EM techniques including conventional transmission electron microscopy, cryoelectron microscopy, cryoelectron tomography, conical tomography etc. This T12 microscope can be used for both room temperature and frozen samples. The T12 instrument is a perfect entry-level instrument to get quick results at a minimal cost. This electron microscope is equipped with a TWIN lens.

Its features include:

  • 20-120 kV
  • LaB6 gun.
  • Computer-controlled compustage.
  • +/- 80° tilt single tilt.
  • Gatan 626 cryo specimen holder, Gatan tilt-rotate holder for conical tomography.
  • TVIPS F415MP 4k Camera.
  • Point-point resolution: 0.34 nm; Line resolution: 0.2 nm.

Instructions to become a user can be found here: EICN Become a User. Training can be requested by emailing If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours, you can email Matthew Mecklenburg ( to follow up.

We recommend new users interested in T12 training to watch our short video series on the T12 microscope here: EICN T12 Training Videos. Please note that these videos are meant to be supplementary learning materials and do not replace the official training.

Rates: Internal Academia rate: $50/hour; External Academia rate: $70/hour; Industry rate: $100/hour