UCLA-led study reveals the mechanism that helps malaria parasites take over human red blood cells

3D imaging by California NanoSystems Institute could lead to new targeted therapeutics

Electron Imaging Center for NanoMachines

EICN provides advanced electron imaging tools for applications ranging from materials science to structural biology

Tomography Holder model 2020 (Fischione)

Description: Advanced Tomography Holder for Titan S/TEM features high tilt and extended field of view. The Model 2020 is for life sciences and physical sciences as well as any other applications requiring high specimen tilt and simultaneous large field of view.

In order to use holder, please, (1) reserve holder at CLMS and (2) contact Ivo Atanasov (310-983-1068) to obtain the holder. Holder needs to be returned back to Ivo when work is done. User and their PI is responsible for the recovering/repairing any damages to the holder. User and their PI are taking complete financial responsibility for the costs of damages/replacement of the holder.