West/Midwest Consortium

The goal of the West/Midwest Consortium for High-Resolution Cryo Electron Microscopy (cryoEM) is to offer our consortium users free access to an existing core facility at UCLA

Scheduling and Sample Shipping

(i) Scheduling with CLMS

The WMC User Coordinator will help new users schedule their first data collection session, at which they will receive instrument training. Please refer to the Instrument Training section at the bottom of the New Member page for more details. Returning users may make their own reservations using the CLMS Reservation Scheduler.

The online reservation system allows users to reserve slots at their convenience. Reservations begin at 10AM and end at 10AM the following day. If there is a conflict between users requesting time, EICN will coordinate scheduling and consider project proposals in order to optimally utilize the capabilities of the facility. If necessary, telephone conferences will be held with all participating parties to mediate any issues that may arise.

(ii) Sample Shipping

Contact the WMC User Coordinator to arrange for sample shipping. The cost of shipping samples to and from EICN is covered for WMC users. Please refer to the sample label below for the shipping information required to ship samples to EICN. Check the box for “Recipient” in the Payment section. If necessary, contact the WMC User Coordinator for the EICN FedEx account number to bill the shipping to.

IMPORTANT: Please pick FedEx Standard Overnight as the shipping option for sending frozen samples to EICN.

FedEx Standard Overnight will be used as the shipping option for returning frozen samples. FedEx Express Saver will be used as the shipping option for returning dry shippers. Samples may be stored at EICN at the user’s request.


(iii) Sample Information

Users are expected to prepare and optimize their specimen samples for usage on the Titan Krios. Sample grids may be prepared either at the user’s lab or at EICN.

Before the user’s session, the WMC User Coordinator will send a Sample Information form (pictured below) for the user to fill out. The Sample Information form asks about the labeling and location of the user’s grids within the gridboxes, and for the user’s preferred grid loading order. The user should complete and return this form the WMC User Coordinator before the user’s session begins in order to avoid delays on the first day of collection.