West/Midwest Consortium

The goal of the West/Midwest Consortium for High-Resolution Cryo Electron Microscopy (cryoEM) is to offer our consortium users free access to an existing core facility at UCLA


A three-member supervisory committee has been established representing from UCLA-based non-consortium users (Leonard Rome, Associate Director of CNSI and a UCLA faculty user), consortium users (Phoebe Stewart, Case Western University PI and a consortium user) and the director of this consortium (Hong Zhou). The committee provides guidance and feedback to sustain an optimal operation of the facility through committee meetings. This committee also will evaluate user application, approve access vouchers and advise our staff to ensure optimal performance of the instrument. These members join the committee meetings virtually through Skype or physically through careful scheduling.

Decision-making on resource allocation will be done by the supervisory committee (Drs. Rome, Stewart and Zhou) through on-line communication at an annual basis or as needed. Dr. Zhou will serve as liaison among this committee, the NIH consortia administrators, consortium staff and institutional PI’s. The PIs will communicate regularly through modern online media (e.g., Facebook or Wechat group chatting, Skype and WebEx), and if necessary, by conventional emails and phone calls. Each institutional PI will serve as the liaison between Dr. Zhou and consortium users at the each institute.

To make reservation, please go to CLMS Titan Krios reservation page